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2019 Edition of "A Peek through the Window
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Please visit us in in Plano, Texas.

Sharron Albertson's flowers, her travels in California in the summer of 2000,
a tribute to her mother, Mildred Middleton, and her summer 2000 trip to Europe

Howard Albertson's digital camera pictures from New York City, winter 1999-2000
and Boston in the late summer 2000

Herb and Jenny live in the Olathe, Kansas area 
with their six home-schooled children

Herb is Bursar for students of MidAmerica Nazarene University

Shari is the wife of a pastor, Eric Earhart of The Upper Room
They, with their six kids, live in Eure, North Carolina

Jeff and Shirlene Kazmaier and their three kids live in Olathe, Kansas
Here is one of Jeff Kazmaier's projects
Jeff has his own architectural firm - Kazmaier Associates

Heather is a school teacher at a Richardson, Texas school
She took pictures as she traveled to England in May 1998

Other pictures we've accumulated:
Lakeside Drive Flowers + our Roses
Dallas Arboretum flowers
Colorado pictures
Merklin Family Reunion
And a collection of other

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