We hope you will enjoy . . .

"A Peek through the Window for Sights and Sounds at Our Homes"
December 2010                                                               
42nd  Edition

3428 Omar Lane                                                    
 Plano, Texas 75023

We appreciate your friendship and hope you also have been aware of the Lord’s care this year.  You are in our prayers because we know you have had challenges this year, too.  We want to hear from you.

The Albertsons:
     Howard, Sharron, Heather Albertson
     Herb, Jenny, Abigail, Ben, Celeste,
         Daniel, Ezekiel and Zachary Albertson
     Shari, Eric, Mitch, Mandi, Michael and Melissa Earhart
     Shirlene, Jeff, Lacie, Andy and Jacob Kazmaier

If you have time for only a glance, here is what we are doing now.

Howard - in Plano; independent broker for electricity in the Texas deregulated marketplace, doing legal research

Sharron - in Plano; Life Chain state director; Golden Corridor Republican Women (GCRW) advisory board, ways and means/directory chairman

Herb, Jenny, Abigail (16), Ben (14 ½), Celeste (11), Daniel (8 ½), Ezekiel (4 ½) and Zachary (10 mos) - inSterling Olathe, Kansas; Bursar at MidAmerica Nazarene University; home school mom; six active siblings

Shari, Eric, Mitch (4 ½), Mandi (3), Michael and Melissa (twins 18 mos.) Earhart - in Eure, North Carolina; stay-at-home mom getting ready for Baby M in a few days; pastor of Upper Room Assembly of God Church in Gatesville; four energetic cherubs

Shirlene, Jeff, Lacie (9), Andy (6) and Jacob (3 ½) Kazmaier - in Olathe, Kansas; full-time mom; self-employed architect; three happy kids

Heather - in Dubai; fifth grade teacher at an American girls’ school  

Our Family in 2009
Herb and Shirlene's families at our house for Christmas 2009
in Plano, missing those in the photos:  
Shari's family in North Carolina and Heather in Dubai

If you can linger longer, here are a few of the year's events.
      (Click on any picture for a larger view.)

Howard helping commercial and residential accounts to save money on electricity using several electric providers, especially: Cirro Energy, Direct Energy and Glacial Energy; doing legal research online; following friends’ activities on Facebook; watching governmental missteps reported on FOX News; dealing with the challenges of Type 2 diabetes; driving with Sharron to Colorado Springs for Reiff Family reunion with his cousins then to Ohio to be with friends from many states who grew up together, seeing nine grandchildren enroute; updating http://LifeChain.net and helping publish another GCRW yearbook with information Sharron collected



making hundreds of calls for GCRW as chairman of directory and ways and means committees, again topping previous years’ collections from sponsors; recruiting volunteers for several friends’ successful election campaigns; celebrating hundreds of books read by children and pre-teens as librarian at Richardson Church of the Nazarene; visiting with 159 Texas Life Chain coordinators as Texas Life Chain director and with coordinators in more than 1500 cities across the U.S. and Canada as coordinator of http://LifeChain.net, sending lots of e-mails during late nights to friends, churches and national organizations about this annual peaceful pro-life, prayer event on the first Sunday of October; enjoying a surprise from Howard of tickets to visit Shari and family in North Carolina for a week of hugging and reading to little people; adopting a tiny, two-year-old Chihuahua-mix and then refereeing when Kitty tries to intimidate Puppy

advising students as Bursar at MidAmerica Nazarene University, Olathe, Kansas, driving home to Sterling, Kansas every weekend since taking the position in February, singing in the choir at Hutchinson First Church of the Nazarene when he can, starting another master’s degree at MNU;

Jenny homeschooling five growing kids and having their sixth child, maintaining a thriving garden and baking whole wheat bread for farmer’s market;

Abi (16) in tenth grade, being a wonderful help with her new brother, playing basketball in the spring, loving church camp at Golden Bell;

Ben (14 ½) in ninth grade, helping Jenny in the kitchen, playing basketball, experiencing many firsts on Golden Bell’s new outdoor adventures;

Celeste (11) in sixth grade, leading her Bible quiz team and singing in children's choir, enjoying reading to her younger brothers, caring for two litters of Kiwi’s kittens;

Daniel (8 ½) in third grade, excelling as a top quizzer in his level, having fun participating at the Children’s Mission Retreat, never missing a moment to play with Zeke and Zach;

Ezekiel (4 ½) telling stories with much expression, entertaining his baby brother; eagerly learning his letters and how to write;

Zachary (10 mos.) enjoying attention from each of his siblings; smiling and laughing at everyone who comes along, crawling and pulling up on everything he can;

all enjoying trips to Olathe to be with dad and spend time with cousins; eager to move to Olathe [Prayers, please, for Sterling home to sell and a smooth move to Olathe.]










making trips to the library and store with four little ones; packing to take everyone to Maine just after finding that Baby #5 will be due in December (any day); sorting and passing to others mountains of clothes and shoes from friends; watching how the Lord provides even though she is not working outside the home;

Eric staying busy with projects at church including a restaurant venture and new outreach/satellite location; working on cars in his "spare" time; coming home to cheers from his biggest fans, especially a relieved mom; both of them learning lots about gardening and raising chickens;

Mitch (4 ½) carefully coloring and writing messages [one to Mandi:  GIVDBABE2MISSI (Give the baby to Missi.)], dressing in costumes, reminding Mandi that he was the “first baby” so he should be the leader (of the four-ring Earhart circus);

Mandi (3) enjoying cutting magazine pictures (and her own hair!), dressing as a bride and saying that she's going to marry Mitch; making up stories and asking dozens of questions; pleased to serve the plates and cups at mealtime; telling everyone, even strangers, about the new baby coming to our house, often saying, "Mom, I love the new baby!"  

Michael (18 mos.) carefully building towers with blocks and saying proudly, "Woo(k)! (Look!)," wanting to be with Eric riding the lawnmower and in the garage while Eric works on a car, pointing to tools and “commenting” in his language, easily smiling and giggling;

Missi (18 mos.) carrying her “blankies” around and wrapping baby dolls with them, saying "Beh-bee, beh-bee," enthralled with a new baby at church; enjoying the swing outside, but not happy when her siblings get her wet with the sprinkler; both twins bringing each other's blankies to them when the other one is crying

helping with Jacob's Honeybees at Olathe College Church of the Nazarene; enjoying ladies' Bible study and leadership at Knowing MOMS; reconnecting with friends at her 20th high school reunion at Trinity Christian Academy;

Jeff thankful for keeping busy on several projects in his architectural firm during these difficult economic times, enjoying time with family while on vacation in Estes Park, Colorado; relaxing by maintaining the yard and garden; both of them teaching Lacie's Sunday school class and volunteering regularly in Andy and Jacob's classrooms, having fun with kids, helping with homework, piano lessons, quizzing, and sports;

Lacie (9) in third grade glad to be at church for choir, Bible Quizzing, Upward soccer and basket-ball, taking piano lessons, adjusting to wearing braces, doing well in school;

Andy (6) delighted to be hiking in the mountains in Colorado last summer; enjoying choir at church and kindergarten all day at the same Christian school as Lacie, reading well and “interpreting” sentences that Grandma Sharron spelled to him when they came for Thanksgiving;

Jacob (3 ½) playing with other kids at church during Bible study, Knowing Kids and Honeybees, content with one-on-one time with Mommy during the day, wishing he were old enough to drive a fire truck or police car, asking lots of questions





teaching fifth-grade English and social studies to “lovely” students at an American girls’ school for her third year in Dubai; moving to a new apartment building for teachers; keeping up with friends on Facebook; going to India to be with friends last Christmas; traveling with teacher friends to Oman, Maldives, and Italy; taking students to “adventure camp” in Dibba, UAE; watching the opening of the world's tallest building; attending her first Arabic wedding (women only), yachting and visiting "vacation destinations" in her city; spending the holidays in Dubai this year

All of us missing Shari’s family and Heather as we plan to be together in Olathe after Christmas this year

Our e-mail addresses are:

Howard - HA@nm-tools.com
Sharron - SJ@Albertson.WS
Herb - HHAlbertson@MNU.edu
Jenny - Albertsons@cleanairforkids.us

Eric - EJE1028@hotmail.com
Shari - EarhartFamily@yahoo.com
Jeff - JKazmaier@Kaz-Assoc.com
Shirlene - SKaz@kc.surewest.net
Heather - HCAlbertson@

Our new-ish mixed puppy