We hope you will enjoy . . .

"A Peek through the Window for Sights and Sounds at Our Homes"
December 2011                                                                
43rd  Edition

3428 Omar Lane                                                      
 Plano, Texas 75023
Sharron 972-618-0400                                          Howard

We appreciate your friendship and hope you also have been aware of the Lord’s care this year.  You are in our prayers because we know you have had challenges this year, too.  We want to hear from you.

The Albertsons:
     Howard, Sharron, Heather Albertson
     Herb, Jenny, Abigail, Ben, Celeste,
         Daniel, Ezekiel and Zachary Albertson
     Shari, Eric, Mitch, Mandi, Michael and Melissa Earhart
     Shirlene, Jeff, Lacie, Andy and Jacob Kazmaier

If you have time for only a glance, here is what we are doing now.

Howard - in Plano; independent broker for electricity in the Texas deregulated marketplace, doing legal research and losing weight

Sharron - in Plano; Life Chain state director; Golden Corridor Republican Women (GCRW) advisory board, ways and means/directory chairman

Herb, Jenny, Abigail (17), Ben (15 ½), Celeste (12), Daniel (9 ½), Ezekiel (5 ½) and Zachary (22 mos) - in Sterling and Olathe, Kansas; Bursar at Mid America Nazarene University; home school mom; six active siblings

Shari, Eric, Mitch (5 ½), Mandi (4), Michael and Melissa (twins 2 ½), Miles (12 mos.) Earhart - in Eure, North Carolina; stay-at-home mom; pastor of Upper Room Assembly of God Church in Gatesville; five energetic cherubs

Shirlene, Jeff, Lacie (10), Andy (7) and Jacob (4 ½) Kazmaier - in Olathe, Kansas; full-time mom; self-employed architect; three happy kids

Heather - in Dubai; seventh grade teacher at an American girls’ school  

Our Family in 2009
Herb's family and us at Shirlene's house for Christmas 2010
in Olathe, missing Shari's family in North Carolina
and Heather in Dubai

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If you can linger longer, here are a few of the year's events.
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Howard helping commercial and residential accounts to save money on electricity using three electric provi-ders, especially  Cirro Energy, Direct Energy and Glacial Energy, doing legal research online, following friends’ activities on Facebook, watching governmental missteps reported on FOX News; delighted to be losing weight using Unicity products which help with the challenges of Type 2 diabetes, con-tacting friends with good news on http://MyLifeChange.myunicity.net; driving with Sharron to North Carolina to be with Shari and Shirlene’s families, playing with eight grandchildren by the ocean; updating http://LifeChain.net and helping publish another GCRW directory with information Sharron collected

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Sharron making hundreds of calls for GCRW as chairman of directory and ways and means committees, topping previous years’ collections from sponsors; recruiting volunteers for several friends’ successful election campaigns; receiving recognition for the most volunteer hours in Texas by National Federation of Republican Women; celebrating hundreds of books read by children and pre-teens as librarian at Richardson Church of the Nazarene; visiting with 176 Texas Life Chain coordinators as Texas Life Chain director and with many of the coordinators in more than 1500 cities across the U.S. and Canada as coordinator of http://LifeChain.net, sending e-mails during late nights to friends, churches and national organizations about this annual peaceful pro-life, prayer event on the first Sunday of October; glad that Kitty and Chihuahua Puppy are practicing tolerance for each other

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Herb advising students as Bursar at Mid America Nazarene University, Olathe, Kansas, driving home to Sterling, Kansas every weekend since taking the position in February 2010, working on his master's degree at MNU, bringing experience and ideas to Kansas Bursar Group;

Jenny homeschooling five growing kids, caring for a friend’s baby, handwriting for Sterling Services, maintaining a thriving garden, baking whole wheat bread for farmer’s market and carrot muffins for a local market;

Abi (17) in eleventh grade, helping Jenny babysit for a friend, attending high school camp at Camp Table Rock and Nazarene Youth Congress (NYC) in Louisville, KY; junior counseling at children’s camp;

Ben (15 ½) in tenth grade, helping Jenny in the kitchen, playing basket-ball, cliff jumping at high school camp, attending NYC with Abi where they saw friends from Boston and made new friends;

Celeste (12) in seventh grade, sharing time with Dad at a preteen mission retreat in KC, advancing to the teen group and teen quizzing, beginning piano lessons;

Daniel (9 ½) in fourth grade, excelling at children’s quizzing, machine-pitch baseball, beginning piano lessons, having fun with Zeke;

Ezekiel (5 ½) reading well in kindergarten, children’s quizzing, teaching his little brother lots of new things;

Zachary (22 mos.) communicating more daily in the center of attention, learning to play and share with friend’s baby, trying to keep up with his siblings;

All enjoying district children’s camp and a vacation at Great Wolf Lodge in KC; trusting the Lord to help sell their home so they can be together again full time

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Shari homeschooling her kindergartner and preschooler, piecing an all-pink quilt for Mandi and hoping to finish it before she goes to college, selling crayon rolls at a craft fair and then giving many of them away to the kids in children's church, reminding herself that "He's got the wind and the rain in His hands" during her first hurricane;

Eric staying busy with projects at church; preaching for ten days in Prague, Czech Republic (while Mom coped by serving ice cream for breakfast!), working in the yard in his "spare" time; both of them traveling to Phoenix for Eric to receive the Rural Church Planter Award of Excellence for the Assemblies of God;

Mitch (5 ½) driving a lawnmower and a go-cart, going on an overnight campout with Dad, getting a pocket knife and a bee bee gun, learning to read his Bible during afternoon quiet time, calling in his first deer and helping Mom bag the deer-meat sausage from it;

Mandi (4) excitedly going with Mom to any women's event at church, saying "Mom, WE are girls!", begging to help with dishes and serve the plates at mealtime, loving "corn bee pash" and anything pink, but saying "I love Jesus more."

Michael (2 ½) singingspontaneously, "Hah-yoo-yuh, Je-duh (Hallelujah, Jesus)" while walking in the woods with Eric, sleeping in his camouflage hat with his "shoot gun," asking about Missi, "Where's my sister?", begging to go with Dad in the "Sue-sue" (Isuzu);

Missi (2 ½) fixing "customers’" orders in her cafe' by pulling food out of the air, answering a “Thank You” with "Yer 'elcome!" telling Dan, one of two Jack Russell terrier puppies, "I luh you.  You my baby!" while kissing him and cradling him, pulling up a stool to see anything going on in the kitchen;

Miles (12 mos.) the “smiley” baby, laughing and "talking" with his siblings, walking at 10 ½ months, surviving the "love" of the puppies and the swirl of activity

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helping with Jacob's Bible Clubhouse Kids at Olathe College Church of the Nazarene; enjoying ladies' Bible study and leadership at Knowing MOMS; going on field trips for school; volunteering with the P.T.O.;

Jeff thankful for keeping busy on several projects in his architectural firm during these difficult economic times, enjoying time with family while on vacation in North Carolina; visiting five state capitols and Washington, D.C.; both of them teaching Andy's Sunday school class, having fun with kids, helping with homework, piano lessons, quizzing, and sports;

Lacie (10) in fourth grade glad to be baptized on Easter Sunday morning; happy to be at church for choir, Bible Quizzing, Upward soccer and basketball, taking piano lessons, thankful to be wearing glasses, doing well in school;

Andy (7) accepting Jesus as his Savior; playing flag-football and basketball; enjoying choir at church and first grade at the same Christian school as Lacie, reading well; wrestling with Jeff and Jacob;

Jacob (4 ½) playing with other kids at church during Bible study, Knowing Kids and Bible Clubhouse Kids, content with one-on-one time with Mommy during the day, wishing he were old enough to drive a race car; playing outside when possible, asking lots of questions

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Heather teaching fifth grade at the American Academy for Girls in Dubai, moving to 7th and 8th grade social studies for her fourth school year with many girls she had in 5th grade (LOVING the age, the subject matter, and seeing growth in previous students), taking field trips to the top of the world's tallest building (Burj Khalifa) and three days in the desert, then on a dhow (large fishing boat) in Oman with 35 stu-dents; spend-ing last New Year in Dubai; volunteering at the Dubai marathon and USO; traveling in April to India, in the summer to Texas, Florida, Kansas, Canada, Bahamas and this Christmas to Vienna; yachting and winning quiz night (British pub game) with friends

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All of us missing Shari’s family and Heather as we plan to be together in Olathe just before Christmas this year.

Our e-mail addresses are:

Howard - HA@nm-tools.com
Sharron - SJ@Albertson.WS
Herb - HHAlbertson@MNU.edu
Jenny - Albertsons@cleanairforkids.us

Eric - EJE1028@hotmail.com
Shari - EarhartFamily@yahoo.com
Jeff - JKazmaier@Kaz-Assoc.com
Shirlene - SKaz@kc.surewest.net
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